Pacific Northwest Forum Contents

Alki Lighthouse

VOLUME I, NUMBER 1 (January 1976)

  1. Editors, "The Pacific Northwest Forum: An Introduction," 2
  2. Editors, "The Statuary Hall Project," 2-3
  3. Cecelia Svinth Carpenter, "Leschi, Last Chief of the Nisquallies," 4-11
  4. J. William T. Youngs, "Lemuel Wells, Pioneer Missionary," 11-18
  5. David Nicandri, "Historical Preservation in Washington," 19-20
  6. Mary D. Sare, "Historical Commemoration at Friday Harbor," 21-23
  7. Helen Bedtelyon, "Historical Novels on the American Revolution," 24-27
  8. Editors, "Historical News," 28

VOLUME I, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1976)

  1. Editors, "The Bicentennial and the West," 2
  2. Kent D. Richards, "Pacific Northwest Biography: Isaac L. Stevens" 3-13
  3. Dolores Fell, "Homestead Memories, Deep Creek, Washington," 14-21
  4. Earl Gerheim, "A Heavyweight Title Fight! Dempsey vs. Gibbons, Shelby, Montana 1923," 22-25
  5. Joe Peterson, Bob Malmassari, and Valerie Nye, "Local History in the Schools: Issaquah," 26-29

VOLUME I, NUMBER 3 (Summer 1976)

  1. Jeremy Anderson, "Turf Maps," 2-11
  2. John C. Brougher, "Mother Joseph, Great Humanitarian of the Northwest," 12-22
  3. John L. Poole, "The City That Bought an Air Force Base," 23-28

VOLUME I, NUMBER 4 (Fall 1976)

  1. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 2-15
  2. Hellen Follis, "The Equator: A Bit of History in Dry Dock," 16-18
  3. Joseph Franklin, "George Washington and George Washington Bush," 19-29

VOLUME II, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1977) Photocopy

  1. Lawrence Hussey, "Fort Walla Walla Excavations 1975," 2-11
  2. Jack W. Bennett, "The Northwest Passage into the Twenty First Century," 12-17
  3. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 18-23
  4. R. B. Smith, "Toughy and the Bear: A Reminiscence of Mineral, Washington 1936," 24-28

VOLUME II, NUMBER 2-3 (Spring-Summer 1977) Photocopy

  1. Raymond and Ninon Schults, "George Vancouver," 2-17
  2. David Hastings, "Oral History: A Migrant Laborer Settles Down," 18-21
  3. Helen Follis, "The Old Cabin of Squak Valley," 22-23
  4. Frederick Warn Blackwell, "Photo Essay: The Inland Empire of F. A. Blackwell," 24-34
  5. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 35-42
  6. Shanna Stevenson, "Logging Recollections of Walter C. Stevenson," 43-52
  7. Grant W. Smith, "Springtime in the Cascades: Four Haiku" (Inside Back Cover)

VOLUME II, NUMBER 4 (Fall 1977)

  1. Robert B. Olafson, "Wister's Washington," 2-6
  2. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 7-12
  3. Lynn Harrison, "Life on San Juan Island in the Late Nineteenth Century," 13-15
  4. R. B. Smith, "August on San Juan Island," 16
  5. Helen Follis, "The San Juans," 17
  6. David Curran, "Flatboating on the Willamette," 18-22
  7. Joe Peterson, "The Great Ku Klux Klan Rally in Issaquah, Washington," 23-24
  8. David Nicandri, "Museums, Scholars, and Popular History," 25-29

VOLUME III, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1978)

  1. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 2-10
  2. Clarence C. Strong and Judy Schutza, "The Birth of Montana's Lumber Industry," 11-21
  3. Glenn Aplin, "Notes on the Civil War in the Pacific Northwest," 22-24
  4. J. William T. Youngs, "The St. Roch: Arctic Supply and Patrol Vessel," 25-29

VOLUME III, NUMBERS 2-3 (Spring-Summer 1978: Double Issue)

  1. R. B. Smith, "The Shingleweaver's Picnic: 1940," 2-6
  2. Larry Mann, "Historical Advertising Signs," 7-15
  3. George Venn, "Four Poems," 16-22
  4. Pat Horner, "May Arkwright Hutton: Her Life and Thought," 23-40
  5. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 41-50
  6. Joe J. Locati, "The Walla Walla Sweet Onion and its French Connection," 51-52

VOLUME III, NUMBER 4 (Fall 1978)

  1. R. B. Smith, "Mineral, Washington: 1934," 2-6
  2. J. M. Moynahan, "Western Realist: Asa Powell, Part I," 7-19
  3. Joseph Franklin, "Emmett Hercules Holmes, Spokane's First Black Pioneer," 20-21
  4. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 22-29

VOLUME IV, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1979)

  1. J. M. Moynahan, "Western Realist: Asa Powell, Part II," 2-11
  2. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 12-19
  3. Larry Mann, "The Jamieson and Kuhn Building in Spokane," 20-28

VOLUME IV, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1979) Photocopy

  1. Joe J. Locati, "Walla Walla Country: A Cradle of Horticulture," 2-15
  2. R. B. Smith, "Mineral, Washington: 1937," 16-20
  3. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 21-27
  4. Mark T. Lisi, "Puget Wreck - a poem," 28

VOLUME IV, NUMBER 3 (Summer 1979)

  1. W. S. Gilbert, "Blacktail Beach - Part I," 2-20
  2. Barbara Meldrum, "Western Writers and the River: Guthrie, Fisher, Stegner," 21-26
  3. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 27-30
  4. Joe J. Locati, "A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way Through the Forum," 31-32

VOLUME IV, NUMBER 4 (Fall 1979)

  1. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 2-5
  2. W. S. Gilbert, "Blacktail Beach - Part II," 6-19
  3. Roy Carlson, "Notes on Past and Contemporary Northwest Writing," 20-27
  4. Editor's Bookshelf: Robert A. Weinstein, Tall Ships on Puget Sound: The Marine Photographs of Wilhelm Hester, 28-33

VOLUME V, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1980)

  1. Alexander Joss, "Wilbur, Washington Wheat Farming 1927-1932: A Recollection," 2-11
  2. Elizabeth Redington Stewart, "Col. John Watermelon Redington, My Papa," 12-22
  3. Glenn Aplin, "The Great Oregon Train Holdup," 23-26
  4. R. B. Smith, "Old Photographs - a poem," 27
  5. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 28-31
  6. Bob Wilson, "Stock Kill at Rock Lake - a poem," 31

VOLUME V, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1980)

  1. Robert B. Olafson, "Tugboat Annie in the Northwest," 2-4
  2. Joe Peterson, "The Ups and Mostly Downs of an High School Oral History Project," 5-10
  3. Ray Osterberg, "Scandinavians in the Northwest," 11-17
  4. David Douglas Smith, "From Pines to Palms: A Good Will Non-Stop Trip From Boarder to Boarder Fifty Years Ago," 18-23
  5. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 24-27
  6. Editor's Bookshelf: (Portland: Oregon Historical Society,) Union Guide to Photograph Collections in the Pacific Northwest, 28-32

VOLUME V, NUMBER 3 (Summer,1980)

  1. Patricia Neils, "Julius Neils: "Lumber Baron (1855-1933)," 2-9
  2. Murray Morgan, "The Columbia: The Mis-understood River," 10-23
  3. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 24-29

VOLUME V-VI, NUMBERS 4-1 (Fall-Winter 1980-81) Photocopy

  1. Bruce C. Harding, "The Writing of Local History: The Need for People's History," 2-5
  2. Charles Dinsmore, An Oral History, "Editor's Bookshelf: The Man from Maine," 6-12
  3. Lynn A. Hull, "Lumberjack Legends," 13-25
  4. Richard F. Miller, "A Finnish Logging Camp in Washington 1922-1925," 25-30
  5. Glenn Aplin, "Steamboat Days on the Willamette River," 31-38
  6. Ronald M. Meldrum, "West to Eden: Inland Settlement in the Northwest," 39-48
  7. Randall Johnson, "The Historian as an Artist," 49-53
  8. Roland L. DeLorme, "Policing the Pacific Frontier: The United States Bureau of Customs in the Northern Pacific 1849-1899," 54-67

VOLUME VI, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1981)

  1. Nate Grossman, "Colloquial Expressions Overheard by a Northwesterner," 2-9
  2. Sean McCourt, "Maiden: A Mining Camp's Struggle for Permanence on the Montana Frontier," 10-27
  3. Lenore Ziontz, "The Anti-Chinese Riots in Seattle," 28-37
  4. Editor's Bookshelf: (Portland: Oregon Historical Society,) The End of the Russian Empire: Captain Pavel N. Golovin's Last Report, and (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press,) Northwest Perspectives: Essays on the Culture of the Pacific Northwest, 38-40

VOLUME VI, NUMBER 3 (Summer 1981)

  1. Patrick McManus, "The Great Cow Plow," 3-6
  2. John Keeble, "Yellowfish," 7-9
  3. James J. McAuley, "Poems and Praise," 10-13
  4. Terry Davis, "Vision Quest," 14-18
  5. Richard Heinzen - Photos, Neil Clemons - Poetry, "Breaking Through," 19-21
  6. Glen A. Love, "The Pacific Northwest: Regional Literacy and the Great Tradition," 22-32

VOLUME VI, NUMBER 4 (Fall 1981)

  1. Alexander Joss, "History of a Homesteader," 2-21
  2. Spokane Centennial Photo Survey, 22-35
  3. Robert Mull, "The Yakima Valley Museum," 36-44

VOLUME VII, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1982)

  1. Patrick Karle, "Yard Work," 2-5
  2. Richard A. Hill, "Ken Kesey and Ecology," 6-12
  3. J. M. Moynahan, "Ace Powell on Art," 13-19
  4. Zola Irwin, "Good Samaritans: Walla Walla Assistance to San Francisco Earthquake Victims," 20-24

VOLUME VII, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1982)

  1. G. Thomas Edwards, "The College, the Town, and Teddy Roosevelt 1903," 2-20
  2. Photo Essay on Eastern Washington University, 21-29
  3. Martin and Rita Seedorf, "Big Bend: The College and the Community 1962-1981," 30-40

VOLUME VII, NUMBERS 3-4 (Summer-Fall 1982)

  1. Susan Starbuck, "The Washington Women's Heritage Project: The Next Stage," 3-9
  2. Mary Cain, "Washington Women's History Preserved in Photographs," 10-11
  3. Washington Women's History in Professional Photographs, 12-18
  4. Washington Women's History in Personal Photographs, 19-26
  5. Sue Armitage, "Everyday Encounters: Indians and the White Woman in the Palouse," 27-30
  6. Sandra Brightbill, "Mamie Sasse Growing Up in Pine Creek, Washington, 1902-1920," 31-38
  7. Lenore Ziontz, "George and Isabella Bush: Washington's First Family," 39-56

VOLUME VIII, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1983)

  1. William H. Wilson, "Entirely Visionary and Impossible Healy River Coal to the Boilers at Nome," 2-7
  2. Sandra Brightbill, "Mamie Sasse Growing Up in Pine Creek, Washington, 1902-1920," 8-11
  3. J. M. Moynahan, "The Rediscovery of the Montana Painter B. Howie Makey," 12-16

VOLUME VIII, NUMBER 2-3 (Spring-Summer 1983)

  1. J. William T. Youngs, "Vision Quest 1962: By Motor Scooter through the Northwest," 2-20
  2. Ingeborg Paulas, "Seattle Customs Auctions," 21-27
  3. Photo Essay: Early Transportation in the Northwest, 28-34
  4. Michael Hargraves, "Reprise: The Trees," 35-38
  5. Dan Butler, "Railroads of the Camus Prairie," 39-48


  1. Robert William Hadlow, "The Big Ditch and the McIntosh Red: Early Boosterism in Montana's Bitter Root Valley," 2-13
  2. Raymond Soltero, "The Northwest's Environment: An Interlude in the Destiny of a Lake," 14-16
  3. Lenore Ziontz, "Angeline," 17-28
  4. John W. Libby, "The Marking of Al Shadley," 29-31

VOLUME IX, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1984) Photocopy

  1. Rita Seedorf, "Early Days in Waterville with I. W. Matthews," 3-15
  2. Chris Sublett, "Chris Sublett's Washington: A Photo Essay," 16-25
  3. Robert B. Olafson, "Zane Grey's Washington: The Desert of Wheat," 26-33
  4. Ralph R. Sawdy, "Woolgathering: 1924 or 1924: The Year I Grew Up," 34-48


  1. Janice Williams Rutherford, "Protecting Our Heritage: Historic Preservation in Spokane," 3-17
  2. Kathryn Evers Meyer, "The Chinese Must Go!" 18-35
  3. Bette E. Meyer, "The Wastucna Road," 36-40

VOLUME IX, NUMBER 3-4 (Summer-Fall 1984)

  1. Michael S. Spranger, "The Columbia River: The Pacific Northwest's Most Precious Resource," 3-16
  2. P. R. Wandschneider, "A Primer on Columbia-Snake River Management," 17-33
  3. Woody Guthrie, "Roll On, Columbia," 34-35
  4. The Columbia River Gorge: A Pictorial Essay (Photos courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society), 36-50
  5. Michael S. Spranger, "Columbia River Salmon - A Resource in Danger," 51-64

VOLUME X, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1985)

  1. Robert H. Keller, "The Gospel Come to Northwest Washington," 2-6
  2. Bill Yaeger, "Montana's 'Boodlers': The Aftermath of the 1899 Senatorial Election in Montana," 7-23
  3. Joleen Bloom, "Honor Camps of Spokane County 1913-1915," 24-28

VOLUME X, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1985)

  1. Nancy Gale Compau, "Spokane's Peaceful Valley Historic District," 2-11
  2. Charles Vincent Mutschler, "Street Railway Development in Spokane," 12-20
  3. Majorie Bennett, "Del Ringer's Turn of the Century Tales of the Salmon River, Idaho and Eastern Washington, Part One," 21-27

VOLUME X, NUMBER 3-4 (Summer-Fall 1985)

  1. Susan M. Spethman-Sullivan, "Women and the Golden Age of Flying: The Experience of Esther Combes Vance," 2-11
  2. Jay Dilger with the assistance of Anne Maren Moser, "Julia Butler Hansen: The Pragmatic Reformer," 12-21
  3. Drew W. Crooks, "Governor Issac Stevens and the Medicine Creek Treaty: Prelude to War in Southern Puget Sound," 22-36
  4. Majorie Bennett, "Del Ringer's Turn of the Century Tales of the Salmon River, Idaho and Eastern Washington, Part Two," 37-44

VOLUME XI, NUMBER 1 (Winter 1986)

  1. Norma Schmidt, "Hudson Stuck: On Top Of Denali," 3-13
  2. Sue Hart, "A Final Word from Dorothy M. Johnson," 14-17
  3. Joe Franklin, "The Ku Klux Klan in the City of Spokane 1921-1924," 18-23
  4. Montana Sheep Ranching: A Photo Essay, Part I, 24-28

VOLUME XI, NUMBER 2 (Spring 1986)

[Original is incorectly numbered on cover and as "Volume XII, Number 2 (Spring 1987)"]

  1. Arlene Taplin, "My Wilderness," 2-9
  2. Photo Essay, "The Klondike Photos of Eric A. Hegg," 10-17
  3. Ron Strickland, "Book Review and Excerpts: River Pigs and Cayuses," 18-22
  4. James H. Maguire, "Stegner vs. Brautigan; Recapitulation or Deconstruction?" 23-28


  1. J. William T. Youngs, Introduction to Special Issue: "Pacific Northwesterners The Great War, 2-3"
  2. Ted Kisebach, "Weldon and Walter Armfield: Two Spokane Veterans and a Diary," 4-20
  3. William E. Duvall, "Red Cross Nurse from Oregon: A Letter from France, 12 December 1918," 21-26
  4. Matthew S. Jaroneski, "'Dearest Mother...' The Burch Brothers in the Great War," 27-44
  5. The War Letters of Dick Dickinson, "Like a Deep Personal Trouble," 45-52


  1. J. William T. Youngs, Introduction to Special Issue: "Working with the Environment: Writing and Engineering in the Northwest," 2
  2. Harold P. Simonson, "At the Edge of America with James Swan and Ivan Doig," 3-9
  3. Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot, "Landscape of Memory: Three Montana Writers," 10-16
  4. Craig Holstine, "Photo Essay: Construction of the Bonneville Power Administration's 'Master Grid,'" 17-34
  5. Craig Holstine, "Power to the People: Construction of the Bonneville Power Administration's 'Master Grid,' 1939-1945," 35-46


  1. Editor's Notes, "The Promise and Peril of Desktop Publishing," 2
  2. Justice Robert T. Hunter, "The Practice of Law in the Early Days of Grand Coulee, 1935-1946," 3-17
  3. Jeremy Anderson, "The Geographer as Poet," 18-30
  4. Jeff Davis, "Spokane: The Birthplace of the Revenue Bond," 31-40


  1. Justice Robert T. Hunter, "The Practice of Judging with the Superior and Supreme Courts of Washington 1946-1976," 2-23
  2. Diane Louise Berger, "Louise Walters: Montana Childhood," 24-40


  1. Michael K. Green, "Hard Times in the Promise Land: The Depression and New Deal in Washington State," 3-14
  2. Rita G. Seedoff and Martin F. Seedorf, "Era of Drought and Depression: The Columbia Basin in the 1920s," 15-23
  3. Alexander Joss, "The Wilbur Years," 24-58
  4. Diane Louise Berger, "Louise Walters: The Depression Years," 59-69
  5. Mary Kuhlman, "Symbol of Survival," 70-73
  6. Nancy Carroll, "Images of the Depression: The Spokesman-Review on the Eve of Roosevelt's Inauguration," 74-77


  1. Craig Holstine, "A History of Rock Island Dam," 3-17
  2. Rita G. Seedorf and Martin F. Seedorf, "James O'Sullivan, the 'Pumpers' and the Fight for Grand Coulee Dam," 18-34
  3. Matt Redinger, "Photo Essay: Building Projects in Washington During the Depression," 35-49
  4. Robin Bruce and Craig Holstine, "Where Enchanted Forests and Deep Water Meet: The CCC and the Chelan Ranger Station," 50-59


  1. Jeanne Friend, "A Memoir of World War II in Washington and Alaska," 3-14
  2. Douglas Puckett, "'Sailors of an Inland Sea' A Story of Farragut Naval Training Center," 15-24
  3. Erin I. Bishop, "Dry Farming in the Judith Basin, Montana: Promotional Activities Luring Settlers West," 25-40
  4. Julie M. Greenheck, "The Progressive Reform Impulse: The Child Labor Law and the Establishment of Juvenile Courts in Montana," 41-53
  5. Michael Powell, "Somewhere Else: Ambivalent Images of Oregon in Postwar Narrative," 54-63
  6. Gregory L. Morris, "Marking Time and Distance in the West: 'The Weird Telemetry' of John Keeble," 62-70


  1. "Charles Huntington and the New Western History," 2-4
  2. "The Autobiography of Charles Huntington," 5-94
  3. Robin D. Sword, "'The Saloon Crowd' and the 'Moral Darkness of Puget Sound'," 95-101
  4. Maryanne T. Rader, "Indians and Education in the Pacific Northwest," 102-107
  5. Michael A. Page, "The Office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs," 108-120
  6. Vance H. Youmans, "Christian Churches in the Early History of Olympia," 121-123
  7. Aaron Donaldson, "'The Plight of a Nation': The Yakimas 1855-1890," 124-30
  8. Steven C. Powell, "T. W. Davenport: Philosophy of an Indian Agent," 131-138
  9. "The World of Charles Huntington: Related Documents," 139-160

(1) "'A Cross Grained Disagreeable Man', Letters from Neah Bay"
(2) "Charles Huntington's Last Report from Neah Bay"
(3) "Jennie Taylor: A Different View from Neah Bay"
(4) "Charles Huntington: Fundamental Beliefs"


  1. Matthew A. Redinger, "The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Development of Glacier and Yellowstone Parks 1933-1942," 2-17
  2. Ronald G. Strickland, "Isabella Arcasa: An Indian Widow Scorns a Chief," 18-22
  3. Craig Holstine and Robin Bruce, "A Brief History of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge," 23-50
  4. Drew Crooks, "An Expedition Against the Snohomish Indians As Recorded in the Journal of George Gibbs, March 1854," 51-68
  5. Tim Hanson, "Wobblies in the Woods: The 1917 Lumber Strike in the Inland Empire," 69-80


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  2. Michelle Alward Hanson, "Adelaide Sutton Gilbert 1873-1893," 97-112
  3. Gina Hames, "'Dear Folks at Home....' The Making of a Western Woman," 113-127
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  6. Into. by Vance J. Youmans, "The World War I Memories of Reverend Andre Wurtz," 72-79

SECOND SERIES-VOLUME VI, NUMBER 1 (Winter-Spring 1993): Special Issue: The Chinese in the Frontier Northwest Intro: THE CHINESE IN THE FRONTIER NORTHWEST, 3-4

  1. "The Chinese in the Frontier Northwest: A Sampler," 5-17
  2. Jeffrey Louis Ward, "Trends of Silk and Steel: The Chinese and the Building of the Northern Pacific Railway," 18-28
  3. Linda Kay Strong, "Mutual Support Organizations of Northwest Chinatowns," 29-37
  4. Paula Korus, "Mui Tsai: Chinese Slave Girls in the Inland Northwest," 38-43
  5. James Robbins Jewell, "Straw Hat Work Force: The Chinese Role in Small Town Economics," 44-49
  6. Brain Thornton, "Exceptions to the Rule: Chinese Merchants and the Exclusion Laws, 1890- 1894," 50-59
  7. Bruce Hallmark, "Chinese Health Hazards and Traditional Chinese Medicine," 60-69
  8. Judy Nelson, "The Final Journey Home: Chinese Burial Practices in Spokane," 70-76
  9. Compiled by Linda Kay Strong and Barbara Wigen, 'Chinese in the Northwest: Suggested Readings," 77-79


  1. Larry Cebula, "Filthy Savages and Red Napoleans: Newspapers and the Nez Perce War," 3-14
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  4. Compiled by Jef Rettman, "Spokane in the 1880s: A Newspaper Sampler," 43-77


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  4. Minnie L. Cardwell Miller, "Pioneering in the Big Bend," 54-79

SECOND SERIES-VOLUME VIII, NUMBER 1 (Winter-Spring 1995): Special Issue: Journals of The Alaska Gold Rush Era Intro: Two Alaska Journals, 3-4

  1. Michael Gharst, ed., "The Klondike Journal of William Mann," 5-28
  2. Erik Anderson, ed., "Exploring the Kuskokwim: An Alaskan Journal, 1906-1907," 29-80


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  3. Cary C. Collins. "A Fall from Grace: Sectarianism and the Grant Peace Policy in Western Washington Territory, 1869-1882," 29-77.

SECOND SERIES-VOLUME IX, NUMBER 1-2 (Winter-Fall 1996) : Special Double Issue: Indians of the Columbia Plateau, 2

  1. Guest Editor's Introduction. "Exploring the Plateau," 3-4.
  2. Lillian A. Ackerman. "The Centrality of Women in Plateau Culture," 5-13.
  3. John Alan Ross, "Traditional Spokan Indian Religious Beliefs and Explanations of Congenital Birth Defects," 14-29
  4. "Saukamappee Remembers : Protohistric Change in the Pacific Northwest," 30-3
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  9. Interview by James Robbins Jewel. "'Going Back to the Dances...' : An Interview with David BrownEagle," 82-93
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  4. Charles H. Sheldon, ed. "The Wallace Murder Trial : Law and Order in the Oregon Territory North of the Columbia, 1848-1853," 64-71