The Pacific Northwest Forum
Volume VII, Number 2, Pages 19-25
Summer-Fall, 1982

Washington Women's History in Personal Photographs

by Mary Cain

(Mary Cain wrote an introductory esssay to two photo collections on women's history in this issue of The Pacific Northwest Forum: To view her introduction click here.)

Woman with camera taking, quite possibly the kind of photos that follow here.

Courtesy of the Skagit County Historical Museum

This self-sufficient young woman is, perhaps, more typical than we think.

Courtesy of the Island County Historical Society

Northern Pacific Railroad section hands, World War I. Casual posing suggests these workers enjoyed each others company.

Courtesy of the Skagit County Historical Museum

A snapshot of Mrs. Robers, famed Lopez Island midwife, with small client.

Courtesy of the Lopez Island Historical Museum

1909 photo documents daily chores of mother with two young children. Facial expressions and kitchen setting add to visual interest.

Courtesy of the Cowlitz County Historical Museum, Krupke Collection

Brownie snapshot of cannery workers, Semiahmoo Dock 1918. womens' contribution to Washington fishing industry is yet to be recognized.

Courtesy of the Semiahmoo Park Interprerative Center Library, Olga White Collection

Doing low paid piece work at home solves the problem of childcare. Quincy, 1914.

Courtesy of the Washington State University Library, Pullman.

Two friends leaf through photographs, possibly selecting those to be preserved in the same album whee this picture is found. the irect look assures us the photographer was no stranger.

Courtesy of the Whatcom Museum Archives

Cannery sliming detail required sturdy work clothes. Semiahmoo Dock, 1918.

Courtesy of Semiahmoo Park Interprative Center Library, Olga White Collection