The Pacific Northwest Forum
Volume 6, Number 3, Pages 19-21
Summer, 1981

Breaking Through

by Richard Heinzen and Neil Clemons

The mysteries of life are entwined in the poetry of Neil Clemons and unraveled by the photography of Richard Heinzen. With both in awe of the wonders of creation, they combined efforts in Breaking Through. A public relations consultant, editor, poet, ghostwriter and freelance writer, Neil Clemons is Director of Publications at EWU. Richard Heinzen has worked in Spokane as a photographic illustrator for the past 15 years.

Breaking Through was published in 1980 in Spokane. Reprinted by permission of Sunshine Arts.

Desert Fantasies

We assume far too much -
what we think true
may only be as real
as a bird's sagging wing
leading us from
a hidden prize:

suppose they're warriors
standing at attention
for the morning
or dancers poised
waiting for the music
to begin

perhaps they're gigantic
green tacks
pushed deep into the desert map
to keep growing
from blowing
or antennas bringing color TV
to snakes' and lizards'
tunneled rooms

perhaps they're telephone poles
strung with invisible wire
with word of birth
and death
and invitations to afternoon