The Pacific Northwest Forum
Volume 5, Number 2, Pages 28-32
Spring, 1980

Editor's Bookshelf

A Review

Union Guide to Photograph Collections in the Pacific Northwest (Portland: Oregon Historical Society) 1978. 419 pages. Bibliography, General Index, Photographer Index, "The Photograph Collection" Chapter Index.

Historians of the Pacific Northwest have a highly useful new research tool in the Oregon Historical Society's large and richly illustrated Union Guide to Photograph Collections in the Pacific Northwest. It is the firat comprehensive reference work of its kind to list and describe, verbally and often with sample photographs, the many collections in the Northwest. The organizational categories in the book include, historical and art museum collections, university and college libraries and archives, and public library collections. The Union Guide does not include: private collections, newspaper archives, government agency collections (except state libraries and archives) and collections in religious institutions. The book lists the collections by state, starting with Idaho and covering Montana, Oregon, and Washington in that order. After each state list, The Union Guide prints samples of various photographs: for example over 80 photographs follow the entries on Washington. Several archive photographs are reprinted in The Forum; they are from the EWU John F. Kennedy Library Archives.


"Poker Jim" A Walla Walla Indian wears an elaborate parade costume. EWU Archives - Gift of Cecil Dryden.


Joyce Marie Hoptowit of Walla Walla - Yakima Heritage was 1957 American Beauty at the Pendleton Roundup.
EWU archives - Gift of Cecil Dryden - A.P. Photograph.


"Cayuse Squaw." This type of basket headdress was used extensivey by the Plateau Indians, especially by the Nez Perces,
the Cayuses and the Columbians, EWU Archives - Credit: Click Relander.


Colville Indians - EWU Archives - Credit: Mr. Churchill.


Colville Indians - EWU Archives - Credit: Mr. Churchill.