The Pacific Northwest Forum
Volume 4, Number 4, Pages 28-33
Fall, 1979

Editor's Bookshelf

Robert A. Weinstein, Tall Ships on Puget Sound: The Marine Photographs of Wilhelm Hester (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1978, 144 pp., 114.95.)

Robert Weinstein, a specialist in maritime history and an expert on the care and collection of historical photographs, has blended a pleasing combination of informative text and photographs of Wilheim Hester into his fine historical book. Wilhelm Hester arrived in Seattle in 1893 at age 21 and soon began to earn his livelihood by photographing the tall ships of Puget Sound. Lugging a heavy 8" by 10" view camera, huge tripod, cases of glass plate negatives, a box of lenses, flash powder and a rudimentary flash gun from ship to ship, for many years, Hester plied his trade and produced a collection of magnificent photographs of ships and crews on port calls in Puget Sound.
These photographs of sailing ships, seamen, cabin interiors and working docks lay packed in wooden boxes in dusty recesses of Wilhelm Hester's house on Capitol Hill in Seattle. In 1947, Jerry and Nora Sands discovered them and eventually contacted Robert A. Weinstein, who saw their value and compiled them into this handsome work. The photographs which follow bear fine testimony to the historical value of Tall Ships on Puget Sound: The Marine Photographs of Wilhelm Hester.

Four mast lumber bark Tinto Hill


Norwegian Seamen


Bnhjh four-mast bark Clan Galbraith beside grain warehouse in Tacoma


Ship master standing aside his deep-sea log reel.


Bnhjh four-mast bark Samaritan at anchor in Commencement Bay after a heavy snow.