The Pacific Northwest Forum
Volume SI, Number 1, Page 2
Winter, 1976

The Pacific Northwest Forum: An Introduction

Two years ago Eastern Washington State College began publishing a small journal called The Historians' Bicentennial Newsletter, which featured articles on American Revolutionary and Pacific Northwest history. Through the Newsletter project we came to know dozens of men and women whose vocations or hobbies have lead them to the study of history - a teacher who has developed a new way of interesting students in local history, an amateur historian who is working on a book about her rural Washington community, a woman who "reconstructs" vanished Idaho towns with carefully researched historical sketches, and many people who are simply interested in learning more about their past.

These encounters impressed upon us the richness and diversity of historical studies. The past is preserved, analyzed, and celebrated not only in the classroom and in scholarly monographs, but also in historical landmarks, museums, and libraries. It finds its way into films and television programs as well as into printed works. Its practitioners include local historical societies as well as professional scholars.

In order to provide a single publication in which the full range of historical concerns can be discussed and publicized, we decided to expand the Newsletter into The Pacific Northwest Forum. The new journal will provide readers with historical articles and documents as well as reports on historical projects and publications. In addition, it will serve as a channel of communication between the many groups of people who are interested in historical studies.

We hope that through such efforts The Pacific Northwest Forum will prove itself a useful and entertaining publication. Our ability to succeed, however, will depend largely upon our relationship with our readers. So we urge you to write if you have suggestions for articles, reports, or reviews.