The Mullan Report of 1863

(work-in-progress, 2006)

Topics for Further Study

- Indian White Relations
- Map Making/Surveying
- Relation to Other Military Roads
- Role of Geography/place names
- Role of the Fur Trade
- Gabriel Pridhomme, the half-breed (p. 4)
- Aeneas the Iroquois
- Missions/Missionaries/Jesuit influence
- Connection with St. Paul
- Use of science on the trail – topography, astromony etc.
- Indian knowledge of/connection to region
- Function of military forts
- Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest
- Supplies/supply companies (Majors & Russell p. 7), process of outfitting the expedition
- Congress/Territorial Govt and their connection to the road
- Mining
- The army in the West
- p. 10 “the importance of overland communication.”
- Resources on the trail
- Ideas about settlement/“civilization”
- Immigrants in the West (according to the roster of men who built the road, many were European immigrants, especially from Ireland).
- Steamboats
- Railroad surveys and building