The Mullan Road

A preliminary to the final John Mullan's final report of 1863 was published in 1861:


This report contains much information omitted from the later Mullan Report.  It can be found on line at University of  Michigan’s Making of America site, “a digital library of primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction.”

First go to the home page for the 1861 report:

            From the home page you can view each page one click at a time, but we suggest that you click on “View entire text.” This leads you to page warning that the entire document takes a while to download (but the delay is not bad with broadband). To view the document, click on “view entire text now.” This brings you to a 171-page document, constituting the 1861 report.  The University of Michigan scan is unedited and includes many errors.  But you can click on any page in the scan and be taken to an image of the page you were studying – giving you a chance to check passages that appear to be garbled against the actual text.

Click here to see a synopsis of this document.