Web Site Behaviors

Mullan Road Project

These are some of the behaviors we plan to use on the site. In some cases the examples are ones we create ourselves. In other cases they are links to other Internet sites illustrating model behaviors.


Here are some of the things we can do with our images.

Move your cursor over the image below for a sample.

Click here to go to the image page.


Moving Pictures

Click here for a sample movie.



There will be a lot of text on our site -- documents, essays and the like.We want to text sections to be clear, attractive, user friendly.

Click here to go to the text page.



Maps can be stationary images or interactive with a large variety of behaviors..

Click here for the maps page..


Flashy Flash Shows

Flash can be used for slide shows but also for a wide variety of other "behaviors."

Click here for the flashy flash page.


General Behavior

This section is for listing Web sites that we admire (and hope to a degree to emulate) for their overall look and presentation of information.

Click here for the general behavior page.