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The Rule of Law Through Lawlessness:
Vigilante Activity in 1860s Walla Walla County



Transcribed by Rob Spencer

Source: Walla Walla Statesman, June 15, 1866, page 3

Subject: Vigilante message to public.

Synopsis: The Vigilance Committee writes to the editor to declare that it has improved its by-laws and will execute “justice” upon any it perceives as lawbreakers.


Vigilance Committee Notice
Walla Wall City. June 9, 1866.
Editor Statesman: Will you give notice through the medium of your paper that the Vigilance Committee has been organized over a year, and during that time has not been entirely idle; but whether it has accomplished any good or not, the public are the judges. And the committee further gives notice, that they have made some amendments to their former plan of organization, which enables them to act more expeditiously and with greater certainty in ferreting out the perpetrators of crime, and the committee stand ready to redress all crimes and execute summary justice between the perpetrators of crime, no matter of what grade, and the interest of all good, well-disposed and law abiding persons; and we make no distinction between officer and private, rich or poor, Vigilante or anti-Vigilante. All are subjects for our action in the way of crime, and will receive equal justice at our hand.
By order of the Vigilance Committee