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Chancery Courts as a Window on Social History

By Shannan Kain

“Bill Of Court Costs”

Source: Territory Of Washington vs. M.R. Webb-Washington Territory-1864

Subject: Court Costs

Synopsis: “Bill of Court Costs” What follows is a transcription of a bill for court costs, I have been unable to determine what sometimes a fee for the justice (judge) is levied and other times there is no recorded fee. Bt today’s standard the fees seem quite reasonable. A handwritten folio produced by the court clerk costs only 20 cents. For the sake of illustration, let us say a folio was only two pages in length (one page I think would not constitute a folio). If the clerk wrote very quickly a folio could be produced in 30 minutes making their hourly worth 40 cents. Conversely, official documents came at a much higher price. A subpoena was $2.25 and a judgment cost $1.50

Territory of Washington
M.R. Webb (unclear-something written under M.R.)

affidavit for warrant 0.50
Warrant 1.00
Subpoena for defendant 2.25
1 Continuance 0.50
swearing of witness 2.05
writing 23 folios @ 20 cents per folio 4.60
Judgement on Trial 1.50
satisfaction 0.50
Transcript of Docket and certificate 2.50
Certificate To Writing Evidence 1.00
Recognizance 1.00
Recognizance to appear at District Court 1.00
18.40 Total $18.40