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Chancery Courts as a Window on Social History

By Shannan Kain

“Summons to the Defendant”

Source: Territory Of Washington vs. A.P. Cain- Washington Territory- 1884

Subject: Summons to the Defendant

Synopsis: “The Summons to the Defendant” is interesting. Like early equity cases in England where the defendant was penalized financially not to give back to the plantiff what he had lost but to repair the wrongthinking of the defendant’s innate being and to correct the defects and rescue the defendant’s soul. Two hundred years later the Summons still makes mention of spiritual matters when the” prayers of the plaintiff will be answered.”

Territory of Washington (grouped with parenthesis with line below followed by initials SS)
County of Walla Walla (grouped with parenthesis with line above followed by initials SS)

To Mr. A.P. Cain,
You are hereby Notified to be and appear at my office in the town of Walla Walla on the 12th day of Jany 1861 at the hour of 10 o’clock in the foremorn to answer the foregoing complaint, or judgment will be taken against you, as confessed, and the prayers of the plaintiff granted.
Dated Jany 7th 1861
Wm. B. Kelly
Justice of the Peace

Transcribed by: Shannan Kain