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"Council Proceedings"

by Shaun Reeser

Source: Washington Statesman, April 12, 1862, page 2

Subject: Recognition of the new City Council by the previous one.

Synopsis: A summary of the April 10 City Council meeting. Here the new council was qualified before the previous council and adjourned until the next day.


April 10th, 1862
Council met agreeable to call of the President.

In compliance to notice the newly elected Council appeared, together with the Mayor elect, and were qualified in presence of the old Council.

On motion, the Council appointed, as corporators by the Legislature adjourned “sine die.” [without a day or indefinitely]

The Council elect having been called to order Messrs. Reese, Stone, Jacobs and Sheideman appeared and took their seats: absent, Mr. Abbott.

On motion, B.F. Stone was elected President of the Council.

At the instance of several members of the Council an adjournment was had to meet to-morrow [sic], April 11th, at 2 o’clock P.M. to receive the inaugural address of the Mayor.

S.F. Ledyard, Clerk.

Transcribed by Shaun Reeser