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Early Settlers in Walla Walla

"A Free Fight"

by Shaun Reeser

Source: Walla Walla Statesman, October 11, 1867, page 3, column 1

Subject: The legal ramifications of a bar fight.

Synopsis: Brief report on the trial of T.H. Currie in an assault and beating case.


A Free Fight. – T.H. Currie, keeper of a saloon on Main street, was up before Judge Lacy, on Thursday morning, charged with assaulting and beating John Mansfield, a member of the Sporting Fraternity. After hearing the testimony, Currie was adjudged guilty and ordered to pay a fee of $25 and costs – the whole footing(?) up to $55.50(?). Knock-down argument s are rather expensive luxuries.

Transcribed by Shaun Reeser