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Early Settlers in Walla Walla

"Legal Notice"

by Shaun Reeser

Source: Washington Statesman, Vol. I, No. 30, July 12, 1862, page 2

Subject: Legal announcement calling for Baldwin to appear to settle a debt.

Synopsis: Legal announcement posted by the legal firm George and Sparks calling for Samuel Baldwin and his business partner, L.W. Greenwell, to appear in court. This is an attempt to collect a promissory note.


Legal Notice
County of Walla Walla }
J. Seller & Co., | In the District Court of
vs. |
Greenwell & Baldwin | First Judicial District.

You are hereby notified that J. Seller and G. Guntz have filed a complaint against you and L.W. Greenwell, which will come to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall commence more that three months after the 12th day of July, 1862, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be taken as confessed and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is for the recovery of the sum of one hundred and seventy-two dollars and fifty cents, ($172.50) and interest thereon, at two per cent [sic] per month, from the 27th day of January, 1861, on a promissory note made by said Greenwell and payable to you or bearer, and endorsed and delivered by you to said plaintiffs for said amount, dated January 26th, 1861, and payable one day after date, and costs of suit.

Plaintiff’s Attorneys.

Dated July 12, 1862 50m3

(The above notice is linked to Frontier Justice Record WAL-659.)


Transcribed by Shaun Reeser