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The Treatment of Native Americans within the Frontier Judicial System, Walla Walla County

By Dale Raugust

"The description of the execution of Stanislaus."

Source: Walla Walla Statesman, June 3, 1864, 2:2.

Synopsis: The execution of Stanislaus, his last words and his acknowledgement that Puk-el-peet-sa had nothing to do with the murder.

Text: “The Indian Stanislaus, who was tried at the recent term of Court for the murder of a white man at Kettle Falls was hung at Colville on the 20th, ult. On the scaffold he stated that the other Indian who was tried with him had no hand in the murder. Just before he was hung he requested the sheriff to leave his blankets in the prison where he had been confined, stating that he expected to come back that night and occupy them. He then bid the crowd who had assembled to witness the execution ‘Clahaium’ and manifested no fear at the fate that awaited him. He acknowledged the murder and said that his punishment was deserved.”

Transcribed by: Dale Raugust