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The Treatment of Native Americans within the Frontier Judicial System, Walla Walla County

By Dale Raugust

"The description of the charges against Stanislaus and Puk-el-peet-sa, Okanogan Indians, charged with a murder near Kettle Falls."

Source: Walla Walla Statesman, April 9, 1864, 2:4.

Synopsis: Stanislaus and Puk-el-peet-sa are transported from Fort Colville to Walla Walla to stand trial for a murder that occurred near Kettle Falls in Washington Territory. The article described the circumstances behind the arrest and the murder.

Text: “Two Indians, charged with murdering a man at Kettle Falls last fall were brought down from Fort colville this week to be tried here at the present term of the District court. The circumstances are as follows:
One of the Indians told of the murder some four months after it had been committed, and the authorities went to the place described by the informant and exhumed the body of a man, whom they were unable to recognize; but supposed it to be that of a person known at Colville by the nickname of ‘Texas”. The murder was committed at Kettle Falls, near old Fort Colville, on the Carriboo Trail, and it was supposed the man was on his way from the mines to Colville to spend the winter. The murderers belong to the Okanagan Tribe, and followed the man some distance, to murder him for his money, which they state amounted to only ten dollars.”

Transcribed by: Dale Raugust