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The Treatment of Native Americans within the Frontier Judicial System, Walla Walla County

By Dale Raugust

"The confinement of five Indians in jail."

Source: Walla Walla Statesman, April 9, 1864, 2:5.

Synopis: Sha-poon-mash and four other Indians are confined in the Walla Walla County jail or at the garrison at Fort Walla Walla.

Text: “There are five Indians now in confinement here to be tried at the present term of the district Court----two are at the garrison and three in the county jail. The two at the garrison are the ones brought in by Capt. Curry, from Snake River and are to be tried for arson. The others are the Colville murderers and Sha-poon-mash, the murderer of Varble.”

Transcribed by: Dale Raugust