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Using Washington Territory
Court Records and Newspaper Accounts to Explore Frontier History

About our Project: Eastern Washington University and the Washington State Archives

The Tools of our Trade: web sites that helped us develop this project

Early Walla Walla: an overview of the frontier history of Walla Walla, Washington

True Tales: an introduction to a few of the fascinating stories revealed in the documents

Social History: the social history of Walla Walla as revealed in Chancery Court records

Marriage and Divorce: the ties that bound, and came unbound, in early Walla Walla

Disease and Health: how a frontier town dealt with diseases such as smallpox

Vigilante Justice: extra legal "justice" in frontier Walla Walla

The Early Settlers: biographical profiles of several pioneers

The Frontier Economy: what territorial records tell us about work and property in the 1860s

Native Americans: how the Indians lived during the early days of white settlement

Suggestions for Teachers: ideas on using these documents and essays in the classroom