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First Among Equals:
Plaintiff's Win Collections Cases

"Summary of Judgement"

By Adam Attwood

Overview: In H. S. Jacobs vs. Mullan Brothers (1862), H. S. Jacobs, sued Mullan Brothers for failure to pay a promissory note. This subject places this case into the “collections” cluster of the civil cases. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and awarded a sum of $521.32. Similarly, in the Brown Brothers case (258), this was a failure to pay a credit balance.

Source: H. S. Jacobs vs. Mullan Brothers (1862). Case 268. Frontier Justice Records. Washington State Archives-Eastern Branch, Cheney, WA.

Subject: Collections, Business

Synopsis: These documents are summaries of the judgment against the defendant. A summons is also included. These documents show part of the territorial court process by which interested persons were called to the court.


H.S. Jacobs
Mullan Bros.

Alias Execution

Judgment $521.32
Interest 78.18
Costs 35.05
Accruing Clerks fees 3.50
“ Sheriffs premium 5.99 ½
accruing sheriff fees 1.00

Filed Dec. 13 of 1862

Recd on the within Execution $109 25/100 paid to the clerk $31.05 and to George & Sparks $20 – docket fees and 51.25 to apply on principal, and retained $76.99½ as my fees.
Jas Buckly sheriff
By D. L. Roberts undersheriff

Reed on the within Execution five undred and thirty Eight 75/100 dollars Nov. 14th 1862.
Jas Buckly sheriff By D.L. Roberts undersheriff the above amt was in W.A. bonds and the agent refused to receive the bonds and the 13th day december 1862. Exchanged bonds for legal tender notes and paid the same to clerk of district court – the above being in full satisfaction for this Execution - Jas Buckly Sheriff
By D. L. Roberts



Territory of Washington
Walla Walla County

To Lewis A. Mullan, Charles N. Mullan, and John Mullan – You and each of you are hereby notified that only you appear in the District Court of Walla Walla, first judicial District, on the first day of the next term thereof which shall commence twenty days or more after the servicer of this complaint [___] [___] will be taken as conferred and [word indecipherable] thereof granted

Dated [April ?] 18th 1862
J. G. Sparks
Plff Atty

Transcribed by Adam Attwood