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Disease and Health:
Insanity, Smallpox, and General Health Attitudes

"The Case of Elizabeth A. Pilcher"

By Errin R. Edlin


Source: Frontier Justice Walla Walla County Probate file; 1865: #4104

Subject: Insanity hearing re: Elizabeth A. Pilcher

Synopsis: Elizabeth Pilcher is found to be laboring under partial Idiocy and recommended for Asylum care, though she is noted to be destitute and have no means with which to pay for transport to, or treatment at, the asylum.


Territory of Washing } SS
County of Walla Walla
J. H. Lasater being first duly sworn says that from observation, information and belief Elizabeth A. Pilcher is of unsound mind and a fit subject for the insane asylum; and further that she and her friends are in destitute circumstances and therefore unable to defray the expenses and charges of conveying to or treatment at said asylum
J.H. Lasater
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24th day of November 1865
J.H. Blewett
Probate Judge

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Estate and person
E.A. Pilcher
an insane person

Affidavit of

Filed Nov. 24,1865
Probate Judge & Clerk




County of Walla Walla.

E.A. Pilcher
In the Probate Court of Walla Walla Co.
To the Sheriff of Walla Walla County, Greeting:
In the name of the United States, You are hereby commanded to cite
Dr. J.H. Day
to appear before the Judge of the Probate Court of Walla County in said Territory, at the Courthouse in the City of Walla Walla, on Thursday the 24th day of Nov., 1865, at 11 ½ O’Clock A.M. to examine into the Sanity or insanity of Elizabeth A Pilcher
and in this he shall in no wise fail ; and have you then and there this writ.
Witness my hand, and the seal of said Court affixed,
this, 24th day of November A. D. 1865
J.H.Blewett Judge & Clerk of Probate Court.

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I hereby certify that I made personal service of the within citation by leaving a true copy of the same certified by me to be such in the hands of said Dr J.H Day at the City of Walla Walla W.T on this 24th day of November AD 1865 at 11 ½ Oclock A.M
H. Parker

Constable fees

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Filed Nov. 24,1865
J.H. Blewett
Probate Judge & Clerk




This is to certify that I have examined the person Elizabeth Ann Pilcher brought before the Probate Court of Walla Walla on a charge of Insanity, And find her to be laboring under partial Idiocy. Her mind and condition might be much improved in a well regulated assilum and humanity may demand a trial in her case
Walla Walla
W Ter. Nov. 24th 1865
J.H. Day

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24th day of November A.D. 1865
J.H Blewett
Probate Judge