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Disease and Health:
Insanity, Smallpox, and General Health Attitudes

"Walla Walla WT Probate court Insanity hearing: James W. Bowers 1866"

By Errin R. Edlin


Source: Frontier Justice Walla Walla County Probate file; 1866; #4129

Subject: Insanity hearing re: James William Bowers

Synopsis: In this case, the petitioning Dr. Kinsey found Mr. Bowers to be insane and a good candidate for the insane asylum, while the second consultant, Dr. Hunter, found Mr. Bowers to be insane, but not a good candidate for the insane asylum. The end result of this case is unknown.


Territory of Washing
City and County of Walla Walla
To the Hon
County Judge of said County & City S. Kinsey respectfully represents that there is now in said City and County a person named James William Bowers who is insane and suffering under mental derangement and is by reason of insanity unsafe to be at large and is not capable for the reasons above to take care of himselfe and is a proper subject for the insane asylum
And the above said S. Kinsey being duly sworn deposes and says the foregoing statement is true wherefore he prays the Hon Judge that such action may be had as is by him required(?) and that the said James William Bowers may be sent to the insane asylum at Vancouver
S. Kinsey

<<glued to bottom>>
Subscribed and sworn to this 23d day of April A D 1866 before me
J. H. Blewett
Probate Judge

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J.W. Bowers an
insane purpose (probably a typo for ‘person’)

Affidavit of
Dr. S. Kinsey
Filed April 23,1866
County Auditor


This is to certify that I have this day(?) been called report by Hon J.H. Blewett Probate Judge of Walla Walla county to examine Bowers on the charge of Insanity and I pronounce Him of unsound mind but not a fit subject for the Insane Asylum
J.W. Hunter M.D.

Walla Walla
May 2 1866

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J. W. Bowers
certificate of
Dr. J. W. Hunter

Filed May 2, 1866
Probate Judge & Clerk