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Crazy Act

Source: The Morning Review (Spokane Falls), Nov. 20, 1885, page 3

Subject: A fire involving Indians in jail


Early yesterday morning Officers Rusk and Hubbard visited the jail, where there were four white men and two Indians confined, and discovered it to be on fire. The white men had built a fire to get warm in one corner of the jail and it was burning quite briskly when the cops appeared on the scene.

Hubbard rushed off and got a bucket of water, with which he extinguished the flames. As the men had no means of putting out the fire, had the officers not arrived when they did, the whole outfit would have been roasted.

It may be unfortunate that the fire did not accomplish its work, but the Indians hardly deserved such a fate.


Transcribed by: Troy Kirby, Graduate Candidate, Department of Physical Education, Eastern Washington University, December 2005