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 Coroner’s Inquest

Source: The Evening Review (Spokesman), June 22, 1885, page 4

Subject: Coroner’s Inquest into Geiger Murder


Inquisition taken at Spokane Falls, W. T., on the 21st day of June, 1885, before C. S. Penfield, coroner of said county, upon view of the body of Chas. G. Geiger, then and there lying dead, upon the oath of W. H. Taylor, H.C. Bell, J.B. Hulley, E.P. Wheeler, C.G. Betts, J.E. Roe, good and lawful men of said county, who being duly summoned and sworn to inquire into all the circumstances attending the death of the said Chas. G. Geiger and by whom the same was produced, and in what manner and when and where the said Chas. G. Geiger came to his death do say upon our oaths., aforesaid, that the deceased came to his death by a gunshot wound from the hands of an Indian, name unknown; the ball having entered on the left side beneath the short ribs, and being found on the right side at the lower region of the liver. We also find that the deceased came to his death at about 10:10 o’clock on the evening of the 20th of June, A.D. 1885, at the point about one half mile north of Spokane Falls, W.T.

In witness whereof as well the said coroner as the jurors aforesaid, have on this inquest set their hands and seals on the day and date hereof.

C.S. Penfield, Coroner

W.H. Taylor, Foreman


Transcribed by: Troy Kirby, Graduate Candidate, Department of Physical Education, Eastern Washington University, December 2005