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On Their Ears

 Source:  Spokane Evening Review, October 23, 1885, page 1

 Subject:  Alcohol & Indians

 Synopsis:  A group of Indians attempt to forcibly rescue another Indian from the local jail by cutting through the door with an axe.  All were arrested and joined their intoxicated comrade behind bars.


Yesterday Marshal Glispin had occasion to arrest and jail an Indian for drunkenness.  About 11 o’clock last night Officer Rusk had his attention attracted in the direction of the jail by heavy blows, and upon investigating found six Indians engaged with an axe trying to cut a passage through the door to liberate the prisoner.  The door now shows the amount of labor performed.  The crowd was too large for one man to tackle and the officer told the Indians he would get a key.  He hunted up Marshal Glispin and Constable Leininger and the three repaired to the jail.  The officers at once proceeded to lock up the refractory red skins.  Five of them submitted to incarceration with a good grace but the sixth refused to enter the jail until force was used.  When the Indians already in the pen saw one of their number show fight they attempted to take a hand, but the appearance of a revolver and the force of Rusk’s fist induced them to submit.  They were liberated after a twenty hour fast.




Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup