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Local Jottings

Source:  Spokane Falls Review, March 30, 1887, page 4

Subject:  Alcohol & Whites

Synopsis:  Notorious violent drunk attacks officers at the jail after they attempt to handcuff all of the occupants of the facility for the night.  Even after they managed to put the cuffs on, the man continued to attack them, which forced the officers to physically restrain the prisoner.  The fight that occurred left the prisoner with a severely bruised head, but his injuries did not prevent him verbally causing further problems.  A large force was later sent in to treat his wounds. 


The officers had another severe tussel with the fighting drunk arrested yesterday afternoon, in the jail last night.  Sheriff Glispin and Officers Warren, Martin and Wilson repaired to the jail late at night to handcuff the prisoners.  The jewelry was also placed on the arms of the fighter, he abusing the officers continually.  After the bracelets were put on he made a dash at the sheriff to strike him in the face with the irons.  A desperate fight ensued and the fellow was badly bruised about the head.  He afterwards attracted a large crowd by incessant yelling.  Chief of Police Leininger, with several of the force, went to the jail and dressed his wounds.  He is the toughest case the boys have ever been called upon to handle.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup