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Local Jottings

 Source:  Spokane Falls Review, March 25, 1887, page 4

 Subject:  Alcohol & Whites/Indians

 Synopsis:  Police arrest an Indian at a local bakery for drunkenness.  As they opened the jail, a drunk prisoner attacked the officers with a blunt object and attempted to escape.  The sight of a firearm prevented any further argument.


About 11:30 last evening Officers Martin and Fisher arrested an Indian at Stevens’ bakery considerably under the effects of liquor.  He objected to going to jail, but the nippers removed that objection.  When the jail was opened one of the men incarcerated for drunkenness appeared with a candle in one hand and a stick of wood in the other.  He proposed to leave the jail anyhow.  When Officer Fisher protested, the prisoner made a pass with the stick.  Fisher responded with his club, and the fellow fell back in disorder.  He immediately rallied and threw the stick at the officer, luckily missing him.  He then made a break for liberty, but [missing text] the muzzle of Martin’s revolver he changed his mind and returned to his quarters.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup