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Local Jottings 

Source:  Spokane Falls Review, March 16, 1887, page 4

Subject:  Alcohol, Indians and White dealers 

Synopsis:  Local law enforcement officers break up an alcohol distribution deal that resulted in the arrest of two mixed blood Indians and the white man who tried to sell them the whiskey.


Yesterday a couple of half-breeds were in town full.  They made arrangements to buy a bottle of whisky from a white man.  The officers got on to the proposed trade and Leninger and Warren followed the trio.  They were caught in a shed near the depot where the transfer was about to be made.  The officers confiscated the goods and ran the white man in.  The interference enraged the Indians and the officers took a section of gas pipe from one of the fellows, who had it run up his sleeve in such a position that it could be

readily handled.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup