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Local Jottings

Source:  Spokane Falls Review, March 13, 1887, page 4

Subject:  Alcohol, Indians and White Dealers

Synopsis:  Police respond to a complaint about drunken Indians creating a ruckus near the Monroe street railroad crossing.  The alleged perpetrators escaped, but officers did manage to capture the white man who reportedly furnished the alcohol.


Last night Officers Leininger and Martin were called to the lumber yard at the Monroe street railroad crossing where a crowd of drunken Indians were making night hideous and frightening the neighbors almost out of their wits.  The Indians escaped, but a white man over-powered with liquor was found and arrested.  This case will give the commissioners some idea what people have to contend with while the red man is permitted to roam about town at his sweet will.  It is only a wonder that the Indians had not committed some terrible predation while intoxicated.  It is supposed the white man arrested furnished the Indians with liquor.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup