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Local Jottings

Source:  Spokane Falls Review, March 12, 1887, page 4

Subject:  Alcohol & Indians

Synopsis:  An Indian male, intoxicated by gin, attacks another male Indian while seeking shelter in the Hangman creek area.  The drunk Indians’ wife attempted to intervene and was struck by her husband with a club, resulting in a fractured arm.


It is stated that an Indian buck broke the arm of a squaw at the encampment on Hangman creek a day or two ago.  The buck sought the shelter of the camp while sadly disjointed both mentally and physically from the effects of gin.  He got into a controversy with a brother buck and pulled his little gun.  The wife of the drunken Indian interfered and managed to secure the gun.  The loving husband seized a stick of wood and struck the woman a blow that broke her arm.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup