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Local Jottings

Source:  Spokane Falls Review, February 19, 1887, page 4

Subject:  Alcohol & Indians

Synopsis:   Police officer encounters intoxicated Indian in the vicinity of Howard Street.  Not wishing to incarcerate the man, the officer instructs the Indian to leave town.  As the Indian walked away, he began to sing.  The officer chased the Indian across the bridge and fired a shot over his head to facilitate the exodus.


Last evening Officer Fisher found an old Indian on the street jolly from the effects of liquor.  He is an incorrigible old chap, and not wishing to lock him up the officer ordered him to immediately leave town.  The fellow walked down Howard street when again started to sing.  Fisher made a rush for him and the Indian flew across the bridge.  The officer chased him to the third bridge where he fired a shot over the head of the retreating figure.  This lent wings to the Indian’s feet and when last seen he was scratching snow at a lively rate to the northward.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup