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Local Jottings

 Source:  Spokane Falls Review, January 21, 1887, page 4

 Subject:  Alcohol & White Dealers

 Synopsis:  Local whiskey peddler convicted of selling alcohol to an Indian.  Sentenced to pay a fine plus court costs.  Unable to pay, the man will spend the winter in jail. 


John Bingham, the man who sold whiskey to the Indian arrested Wednesday, was pulled yesterday and had an examination before Judge Booge.  He demanded a jury trial and got it.  At the close, a fine of $70, and the addition of costs ran his indebtedness up over $100.  Not having dealt in liquor long enough to have accumulated a large bank account the festive John was compelled to take lodging with the county and liquidate the indebtedness by confinement in jail.  He will get out with the grass in the spring.

Transcribed and annotated by Brad Northrup