Pathways Unit Plan Template:

Inland Northwest Communities and the Nation


Title Page (1 points)

-- Project Title

-- Your Name(s)

-- Your School(s)

-- Time Duration

-- Grade Level

Table of Contents (2 points) (listing key elements of your project, leaving detailed table of contents for project materials until later)

Synopsis (4 points) (a brief overview of your project as a whole, summarizing briefly teaching strategies, student activities, and materials)

Goals Statement (4 points) (divided into content and skills goals, if appropriate – linked to EARLs)

Rationale (4 points) (your personal reasons for choosing this subject and why it matters)


“This section includes an annotated list of all sources and references with hyperlinks to all online resources. It includes all primary and secondary reseach material, with appropriate annotations, and artifact box descriptions.”

Overview of Materials(5 points) (a brief listing and description of each of the items in your materials archive)

Research Materials (25 points)

            • This section includes an annotated list of all the non-original material (primary and secondary sources) used in the work. They should be separated into the following categories: books and journal articles -- secondary sources (including fiction); books, documents, and papers -- primary sources; children's literature; videos; images, maps, web sites, artifacts, other materials.

            • Each resource should be included with the unit plan where possible – including texts of newspaper articles, sample pages of books, etc.  If you plan a trip to the Monroe Street Bridge, for example, list it under “research materials” and provide a photograph.  The same goes for your grandfather’s harvester or your horse: you don’t have to include them with the plan!  But include a photograph of the harvester or horse.

            • Each item should be annotated.  We will be teaching annotation, but the main elements of a good annotation are full citation information and a description in your words of the item

            • Plan on including at least twenty items for the research materials section.

Original Materials (15 points)

            • These are items you yourself create for the project, such as an original timeline.  You need at least three with your project.

            • Other possibilities include original stories, your own photographs, an artifact box you design

Annotated Bibliography (5 points)

            • Provide a list of resources (with brief annotations) that will be useful in providing more information on your topic.


Archive of Teaching Strategies and Learning Activities (15 points)

            • This is a “cook book” of the ways you will teach the unit.  You can include, for example, a description of “guesstures” as an activity for learning terms.

            • You must include at least one activity designed to increase student writing ability for credit on this section.

Unit Plan (25 points)

            • This is where you “put it all together” in a carefully integrated series of lesson plans making use of your research materials and your strategies and activities cook book.

            • Your lesson plans should lead students further and further into historical content and skills with a logical sequence of exercises.

            • Each lesson should make good use of the materials you have developed.

Assessment (5 points)