Pathways to History -- Guidelines for Designing Unit Plans

Template for Designing Plans --

Good Lesson Plans on the Internet -- These are plans that we especially admire as models for unit plans.

Lesson Plan-Building Resources -- These will help you develop documents, maps, and other materials for your lesson plan.

Unit Plan Building Activities – The Big Five

1. Choose a good subject – one that will interest you and your students.

2. Through imaginative research create an “archive” of materials relating to your subject including documents, books, films, artifacts, and images.Annotate each of your items.

3. Develop a “cookbook” to teaching strategies and learning exercises for your students. Some of these strategies must involve writing exercises.

4. Create a carefully linked progression of lesson plans to lead them deep into your subject and develop their ability to learn and to do history.

5. Bring together the products of the first four activities into a stand-alone, user-friendly unit plan for you and others to use.