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Our Featured Roads, Trails, and Journeys

All of the roads, trails, and journeys listed here are being developed by the "Pathways to History" staff, often beginning with other resources such as existing web sites, historical essays, documents, or films, but then including research results and writings of our own.

Inland Northwest

James Glover "finds" and founds Spokane, 1873

Building and Traveling the Mullan Road, 1853-

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce is "Relocated" to the Colville Reservation


America as a Whole

The Santa Fe Trail, 1841-1880

The Trail of Tears, Cherokee Removal, 1838

Deadwood Dick: A Black Cowboy on the Cattle Trails

John Muir's Journey into the American Wilderness, 1838-1872

John Parker's Journey in a Slave Coffle from Virginia to Alabama


Anywhere in the World

From Cairo to Cape Town, 2002-2003