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Deadwood Dick

"Deadwood Dick" was the nickname of an African American cowboy, Nat Love, who was born a slave in 1854 in Davidson County, Tennessee. After the Civil War he migrated to Dodge City, Kansas, and hired on with a cattle outfit from the Texas Panhandle. During the next two decades he was a cowboy, Indian fighter, and rodeo rider. He claimed to carry fourteen bullet wounds on his body.

Nat Love (Deadwood Dick) at a Roping Contest at Deadwood, South Dakota

Illustration from the 1907 edition of the book --


Life and Adventures of Nat Love, Better Known in the Cattle Country

as "Deadwood Dick," by Himself; a True History of Slavery Days,

Life on the Great Cattle Ranges and on the Plains of the "Wild and Woolly" West,

Based on Facts, and Personal Experiences of the Author.

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