The Colville Reservation


"Colville Reserve," Spokane Falls Review, 7/12/1890:

This article, really an editorial, argues that "The progress of civilization, that magnificent wave started upon the steppes of Asia thousands of years ago, and now finding itself obstructed by the Pacific ocean and these large reservations, must pause in its magnificent destiny unless this handful of a vanishing race shall no longer permitted to stand as a barrier against everything that is progressive and useful to mankind."

"1,500,000 Acres," Spokane Review, May 26, 1891, page 1

The Colvilles agree to cede 1,500,000 acres of their lands. "The event is one of great importance to all Eastern Washington, to the entire state in fact, for it gives us a wide area of new territory that is capable of supporting a large and flourishing population, and that will supply trade of magnificent proportions." The article is rich in details of the actual negotiations, which took place at the mouth of the Nespelim River.