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Good and Bad Writing -- Exercises in Evaluating Writing Samples

The Paragraph is the fundamental building block of any composition. These examples cover important elements of writing good paragraphs:

Paragraphs: Coherent and Incoherent

Paragraphs: Good Details and Useful Quotations

Paragraphs: Descriptive

Paragraphs: Contrasting and Comparative

Paragraphs: Introductions


Within a paragraph there are many ways that your writing can go well -- or poorly. Here are some of the most common grammatical errors students and professional writers sometimes make:

Grammar: Dangling Modifiers

Grammar: Misplaced Modifiers

Grammar: Tenses

Grammar: Comma Splice

Grammar: Sentence Fragment

Grammar: Run-on Sentences

Grammar: Active vs Passive Voice

Grammar: Past Tense

Grammar: Faulty Parallel Structure

Grammar: Faulty Predication

Grammar: Faulty Pronoun Reference

Grammar: Its vs It's

Grammar: Affect vs Effect

Grammar: All Ready vs Already

Grammar: Accept vs Except

Grammar: Advice vs Advise

Grammar: Than vs Then

Grammar: Their vs There vs They're

Mechanics: Capitalization

Mechanics: Using Numbers

Mechanics: Using Fractions

Mechanics: Using Money

Mechanics: Using Dates and Time

Mechanics: Using Quotations

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