Historical Writing Project

Research Papers

College: University of Minnesota
Course: World History: The Age of Global Contact
Website: http://www.hist.umn.edu/hist1012/Assignments/assignments.html

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The trio of assignments are designed for an introductory course. They include a term paper with an interesting twist, an assignment in which students analyze a primary source, and a third assignment that combines geography and history. All three are linked to a single topic loosely chosen by the student.


History 263: Mexican History
M. Becker
Illinois State University

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A 3 page comparison essay is required in addition to a final project. The final project culminates into a research paper of 10-15 pages (including a minimum of 6 scholarly sources). The project is done in official phases: 1) library exercise, 2) project proposal, 3) first draft, and 4) final draft. There are alternative final projects allowed, including “short stories,” “teaching units,” and “web pages”).


History 377: German Europe: 1815-1945
Prof. B. Pavlac
King's College

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Throughout the semester and on a regular basis Professor Pavlac holds have in-class discussions and projects based on the reading assignments. After which he evaluates the students by holding short quizzes or written reports done in-class or after class. These assignments are worth between 10 and 20 points each.


History 110: Art History
Cornell University

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Two papers and a final portfolio are required. Drafts are to be included in the final portfolio so that editing phases are assured. The course is split into units for specific subjects. The final portfolio includes the writing phases of each paper as well as the final draft of the papers.


CSBS 331: Research Methods
Prof. M. Conlin
Eastern Washington University

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