Historical Writing Project


College: North Dakota State University
Course: Methods of Historical Research
Website: http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/ndsu/lpeterso/

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This course includes a variety of writing assignments. It begins with journal writing that is guided by the handout, “Critical Thinking Questions.” Next the students must complete a pair of “Pathfinder Exercises.” These give students a thorough experience in the library stacks. There is also an interesting assignment that familiarizes the students with academic journals. The final project is an historiographical essay. The professor has included a number of helpful handouts that guide the students through the process of writing the essay.

College: Florida Atlantic University
Course: The Historical Experience
Website: http://wise.fau.edu/~kosgood/HIS5060/syllabus

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This contains a series of excellent assignments which include exercises using primary and secondary sources, and writing book reviews. The final project is quite large and includes a research prospectus, portfolio, and class presentation.