Historical Writing Project


Research Paper

Dr. Prof. M. Conlin                       

CSBS 331

Research Essay

Assignment Description
Please write a 10 to 12 page double-spaced research paper in 12-point Times on an aspect of the Evolution/Creation controversy.  You must have the Instructor’s approval of the topic.

Correct punctuation and clear writing are expected.  Be sure to proofread your paper carefully and to follow the guidelines below.  Lapses into awkward sentence construction and violation of the guidelines will be penalized.  Be sure to CITE your SOURCES in the form appropriate to your discipline (as per Carol Slade, Form & Style). Plagiarism or the use of another student’s essay or any other infraction of EWU’s academic integrity policies will be punished with a “zero.”  If you have any questions regarding the research paper please contact the Instructor as soon as possible.   The research essay is due in class during the 11th week of the quarter, immediately after you give your oral presentation.  Your oral presentation of your research constitutes (10%) and the essay itself (90%) of the assignment.  NO LATE ESSAYS will be accepted.

A complete research essay will include the following elements:

A Title

This should do more than convey the key words associated with the proposed research; try to provide some sense of the issue you will address and the approach you will take.

General overview of the topic

By way of introduction, this should take the form of a brief abstract of the general area of study and identify the discipline(s) within which it falls.

Definition and background of the topic
You need to describe (or define) your research topic, indicate its context, and establish the boundaries of your investigation.

A claim
You need to identify the type of claim you are making.

Engagement of the relevant literature

You need to relate your claim to the claims made by other scholars, i.e., demonstrate that you are aware of the debates and issues raised in relevant bodies of literature. Include references to key articles and texts to show that you appreciate their relevance to your research area. This section provides the context and sets the stage for your research in such a way as to show its necessity and importance.


An explanation of the significance of your research
Explain the significance of your research.


Your research essay will be evaluated for clarity, thoroughness, and conciseness, and the extent to which it meets the requirements specified above. Research essays must be printed and double-spaced, with reasonable margins and font size. Please do not use folders or binders -- just staple the left-hand corner. Your writing should follow ordinary standards of good writing, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and clarity and unity of thought. It will count for 20% of your course grade.  Your research essay (along with your revised annotated bibliography) is due  when you give your class presentation between December 3 and December 7.

Developed by Dr. Michael Conlin