Historical Writing Project

Portfolio System


Prepare a portfolio of your work for HIS 5060. It must be organized with tabs/dividers and a table of contents. It must include the following elements (in order):


· In the form of a formal letter to me, comment on what you learned and how you developed over the semester. This assessment should also describe the portfolio contents and comment on how well you (and the portfolio) fulfilled the criteria for the course. It should also draw attention to revisions you have made to earlier assignments (see below).


Checklist of Running Assignments.

· Prepare a checklist showing that you have met all the document/source requirements for the weekly running assignments.
· Please identify in parentheses where these are located in your portfolio (Week 1, Week 2, etc.). See below.

Weekly Running Assignments.

· Organize by week, with a separate tab for each week. Include all the requested assignments, including weekly assignments and copies of all documents and sources required for these assignments.
· You are encouraged to rewrite and any assignment to correct, update, improve, modify, amend, etc. any work that you have done. You are especially encouraged to rewrite citations so that they are stylistically correct, and to rewrite your book reviews so that they accurately reflect the important elements of the books (taking into account things you learned in discussion, or comments you received on first drafts). At a minimum, you should provide clean, corrected versions of all running assignments that were not done properly or effectively earlier.
· Include both the original versions and the new, revised versions of all assignments.

NOTE: Because these are large final projects, you should work on your portfolio and prospectus as the semester progresses, rather than waiting until the last minute.

Developed by Dr. Kenneth Osgood