Historical Writing Project

About the Project

During the Fall of 2007, the History Department at Eastern Washington University established a history writing curricula review committee with a university Strategic Planning Grant. The idea was to determine how best we already providing writing challenges in our classes and what we could learn from each other and from other professors across the country about "best practices" in historical writing.

Our Strategic Plan and Action Plan contain the original language on our ambitions for nurturing writing within the department's courses.

Our Strategic Planning Grant proposal (funded for 2007-2008) provides further information about the project.

The committee consists of Professors Ann Lebar and Bill Youngs, and Graduate Assistants Adam Attwood, Pippin Rubin, and Blaine Wickham.

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The committee conducted a faculty survey to identify what areas of the undergraduate and graduate history curriculum that are currently being done well and what may benefit from reform. The student research assistants interviewed the EWU History Department faculty and compiled the faculty’s answers into a central report. Faculty members were asked specifically to discuss the academic skills of their undergraduate history students and consider what could be done to help them improve. The researchers collected handouts from the professors that showed the best practices currently within the EWU Department of History.

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This section is augmented by handouts from EWU history professors that they give their students. For teachers on campus in Cheney handouts are available in the committee’s project cabinet located in Patterson Hall, Room 204K.

With the advantage of high technology in communications and the advent of Web 2.0, the history writing committee launched a "delicious" website to post its findings about on line resources in historical writing. The delicious site is a compilation of historical writing curricula and writing guides in history departments at universities across the United States.

We also have a site on wikispaces for digesting our materials and web links.


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