Web Sites for Group Reports


Group One: Jennifer Babin, Trisha Brock, Kristine Cassan, Ed Dahlstrom

Centers for Disease Control: This site giving answers to frequently asked questions about anthrax. Included are symptoms, transmission, treatment, and vaccination information.

Bacteriological Warfare: A Major Threat to North America by Larry Harris -- portions of a book describing the threat of biological warfare and how to protect yourself. Larry Harris is a microbiologist and was a member of the Aryan Nations. He was arrested once in 1995 for illegally obtaining bubonic plague through the mail. Harris was arrested again in 1998 when he claimed he had anthrax in his possession.

Science: An alternative science web page: Gives a microbiologist's perspective on the use of anthrax as a biological weapon. Posted with the intention to dispel the myths about anthrax propagated by the media and the government. Also gives advice on how to respond to an anthrax incident. It points out that veterinarians have been responding to these for years without specialized equipment.

Crypt Newsletter: An article which also says anthrax would not make a good biological weapon. States that recipes for producing anthrax found online are useless but gives ideas on how to find recipes in the microbiology section of a library.

Department of Defense: This site giving a lot of information about anthrax. Especially interesting is the information about why anthrax is a threat for biological warfare. Unless otherwise noted the images on this page come from this site.

Countries Developing Biological or Chemical Warfare Agents: A map of countries developing biological or chemical warfare agents from ABC News. Also provides a brief summary of the threat from each of countries developing biological or chemical warfare agents.

Anthrax Vaccination Program Information: Information from the Navy. Provides the latest information about the anthrax vaccine. Includes recent articles from military sources.

American Gulf War Veterans Association: A page from the American Gulf War Veterans Associationdiscussing the anthrax vaccine. Contains many articles regarding the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Militia Watchdog: An editorial from the Militia Watchdog organization, Afraid of Bugs: Assessing our Attitudes Toward Biological and Chemical Terrorism by Mark Pitcavage. It looks at the hype and fear surrounding anthrax.

ABC News: An ABC News article: Hardy Bacteria, Easily Treated: Anthrax Is Rare But Potentially Deadly by Rose Pike.

Anthrax Outbreak in English Cows: Information about a 1996 anthrax outbreak in cows on a farm in Wiltshire, England. The infection apparently was caused by spores from infected hides which were buried up the stream from the farm.

Anthrax Immunization Slide Show: A slide show about the Anthrax Immunization Program which also includes information about the threat of anthrax for biological warfare and some basic anthrax facts.

GULF WAR SYNDROME: FACT OR FICTION: You decide. A very resourceful page that provides a strong argument against the vaccination program. Links to many sites that tell stories of deaths and governmental cover-up. Included are congressional committee reports as well as quotes from law-makersstating the serious and harmful nature of this coverup. This site includes Senate Testimony, April 29, 1999 -- Testimony pro and con from reputable persons.

HALL OF SHAME: A list of organizations and persons of power who are purported to know the truth, yet do nothing about Gulf War Syndrome. Included is a link to a report about Sen. Patty Murray of Washington State titled, "she knew, and did nothing."

Anthrax Vaccination Program: Information. Links to many military sites that address the problem and program surrounding the mandatory vaccination for people in the military.

Anthrax Myths: A listing of myths about Anthrax vaccines and vaccinations with some interesting information about beer. Published by the Navy to address and alleviate the fear about Anthrax vaccines.

Group One's Own Site: A Web site on Anthrax created by our own Group One!


Group Two: Molly Defreese, Angie Dunnett, Craig Grass, Kathy Larsen, Jake Ostman

Smallpox Vaccination Today: This page discusses when are where the small pox vaccine is used today. It discusses everything from international travel to the military uses of the vaccine. It also states that the vaccine should not be used experimentally for other diseases.

First Smallpox Vaccination: This page discusses the first smallpox vaccination in Dorset, England. The first smallpox vaccination occurred twenty years before Jenner dedicated his life to spreading the use of the vaccine. Imagine the implications if someone like Jenner had started doing the same thing twenty years earlier.

Smallpox Slide Show: This page pictorially represents the world view of small pox "hot spots" from 1967 until 1975. These were the years that the WHO undertook the task of small pox eradication. One country remains a "hot spot" in the 1975 slide because it was not until 1977 that small pox was eradicated in that region of the globe.

Informative Smallpox Tidbits: This page was done by students at the Gilbert School. It has information on the symptoms and treatment for small pox. While there is not a wealth of information, it does provide pertinent information into a new era of vaccination.

Small Pox Potpourri: This page comes complete with an extremely graphic image of a hand that is infected with small pox. This page covers the various treatments for and the symptoms of small pox. In addition, there are links to other informative small pox sites.

Small Pox Issues Today: This page discusses the issues that small pox brings up today. It includes the debate over whether or not to destroy small pox. It also includes limited information on small pox research.


Group Four: Kelley Brooks, Karyn Dahline, Laura Greene, Rachel Murphy

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies: Site from the University of California, which deals nearly exclusively with various prevention tactics based on current research.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Divisions of HIV, AIDS prevention: Government site from the Centers for Disease Control which deals extensively with nearly every aspect of HIV/AIDS from basic science to current vaccine research.

HIV and AIDS related news report: News article discussing AIDS place amoung all causes of death worldwide.

The Body: A website with over 20,000 indexed and on-line documents regarding HIV/AIDS topics. Sources include government agencies like the CDC and NIH as well as magazines,journals, and activist newsletters.



Group Six: Cherie Dean, Susan Shelton, Laura Silbert, and Chris Gestson

Advertisement for insect/pest control: The site is an advertisement for insect and pest extermination in the four corners area of the United States. Also included is signs of rodent infestation and symptoms of hantavirus. The mouse below is from this site.

Hantavirus information collection site: The site deals exclusively with hantavirus. The site is a collection of facts, epidemiology statistics of hantavirus and several helpful links to other hantavirus sites.

Discovery Channel Website: This site outlines several episodes covered on the Discovery Channel dealing with epidemics. Other epidemics covered on the series include TB, influenza, polio and dengue.

Hantaviruses, with Emphasis on Four Corners Hantavirus: Description: The article gives you the educational background of the disease and the different forms of it can take. It also discusses the diagnosis of HPS, and ways they treat it.

Serendipity, Science, and Hantavirus: This site provides a detailed account of the search and discovery of the virus.

Hantavirus Doggeral:

Poetry from the LAEC 400 doggerel page.



Group Seven: Chad Galbraith, Holly Mcintyre, Adriatik Rama, Tammy Thistle

Bacteriology 330 Lecture Topics: Cholera: This site offers a general description of Vibrios along with a detailed description of Vibrio cholerae toxins, treatment and history. This is an image of Vibrio cholerae from the site:

Recent Outbreaks: Cholera isn't just a disease of the past. Recent outbreaks of cholera have reached epidemic levels in many East African countries.

Cholera cases in the U.S.: Three cases of cholera in Maryland were associated with the consumption of frozen coconut milk.

Brochure for cholera prevention: The topics of cholera prevention, transmission, risk to the U.S. and to travelers is discussed.

Public Health Description of Cholera: Explanations as to what cholera is, how it can be contracted, what the symptoms are, where they start, what treatments are used and what vaccines can do to help are given in this text.

Cholera in the Congo: Wednesday, 4 February 1998: UNICEF dispatched emergency medical supplies to help contain a cholera outbreak in the city of Pointe Noire, the Republic of Congo.

Medical Description of Cholera: A medical view of cholera is categorized in this site by causes, preventions and cases.

WHO's depiction of Cholera: Cholera transmission, treatment, preventative measures, outbreaks, health regulations, vaccines, control in the Western Pacific Region.

Cholera Doggeral:

Three poems from the LAEC 400 doggerel page.