LAEC 330: The Individual and the Natural World

A Liberal Arts Enrichment Course
at Eastern Washington University

This course is being developed by Jeanne Small, Jennifer Thomson,
and Bill Youngs

Instructors for Spring 1997: Jeanne Small and Bill Youngs

This Web site is designed to provide course information on the current class
and also general information on the topic, the individual and the natural world .



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"The Individual and the Natural World. "

Syllabus for Spring 1997

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the Spring 1997 Small-Youngs section of LAEC330.

We've Begun!

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Shorties are information word bites -- brief lectures by your professors at Eastern about various topics relating to our theme, the Individual and the Natural World.

Photo Journeys

These are collections of photographs relating to various themes in the course.

Featured Readings

Go to this section to find information about assigned readings in LAEC 330.

Here you will find study notes and annotations on such books
as John McPhee's Encounters with the Arthdruid.
Reasoning in Chemistry by Gail B.C. Marsella and
Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers.

Current Events

These are current policy questions and scientific problems involving
the individual and the natural world.

Other Resources

Bibliographies of Books, Articles, Media, and Web Sites

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The Individual and the Natural World.